Summer Courses at Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML)

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Credit Courses for Undergraduate and Graduate Students (BioSM = Cornell number / MEFB = UNH number
BIOSM 1500/MEFB 403: Investigative Marine Biological Laboratory (equivalent to BioG 1500 for Cornell students)

BIOSM 1551/MEFB 540: Field Introductory Oceanography

BIOSM 1610/MEFB 674: Ecology and the Marine Environment (equivalent to BioEE for 1610 Cornell students)

BIOSM 1650/MEFB 535: Introduction to Marine Mammal Biology

BIOSM 1780/MEFB 530: Evolution and Marine Diversity (equivalent to BioEE 1780 for Cornell students)

BIOSM 2770/MEFB 515: Marine and Coastal Conservation Biology

BIOSM 3210/MEFB 754: Anatomy & Function of Marine Vertebrates

BIOSM 3650/MEFB 730: Underwater Research

BIOSM 3830/MEFB 630: Field Marine Invertebrate Biology

BIOSM 3740/MEFB 510: Field Ornithology

BIOSM 4450/MEFB 504: Field Wildlife Forensics (also offered as a non-credit option)

BIOSM 2800/MEFB 702: Sustainable Fisheries

BIOSM 2500/MEFB 500: Coastal Habitat Field Research Methods

Research Opportunities for Undergraduate and Graduate Students
Undergrads, go to:

Grad students, go to:
Credit Courses for High School Students
BIOSM 1620: Marine Environmental Science (section 2)

BIOSM 1620: Marine Environmental Science (section 1)

Marine-related Credit Courses at UNH
MEFB 410: Marine Immersion

ENE 751/CIE 851: Introduction to Sustainable Engineering

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